16 Dec

by FTX (2005-12-16)

Thailand’s super champ Yodsaenklai Fairtex is eyeing the prospects of fighting in the K1 max.

After winning the first WBC muaythai world title against John Wayne Parr in Queensland, Australia, K1 glory would be the final topping off.

Returning to Thailand the 20-year-old champ said he was still buzzing with his sensational WBC title win.

“The build up to the fight was incredible. The papers were running stories and all along the Gold coast the talk was ‘Xplosion and WBC Muaythai.

“The night of the fight was really great with all the special effects, fire flames and really slick introductions. It made me really proud to represent Thailand at the highest level of Muaythai.

“I have a great respect for John Wayne. He had the crowd right behind him and I was so pleased that his supporters were great sports and cheered me after I had won the title. If the opportunity presents I would certainly come back to Queensland and Surfer’s Paradise…I love the people and the beaches and the big Muaythai event.�?

Meanwhile JWP said he had overcome the disappointment of his loss and was now focused on taking on Steve Wakeling, the Fairtex sponsored UK champion, for the WBC Middleweight title contest on 12 March 2005.

“The extra weight will be helpful and I will be giving everything I’ve got to beat Steve who I understand has great fighting talent. I will need to produce my best to win.�?

Parr said his fight plan against Yodsaenklai came unstuck when he was felled by a huge head high kick in the second round.

“After the kick down I had to land a big equalizer. But I couldn’t get close enough to him. I just couldn’t catch him. Fortunately I have a second chance and the fight with Wakeling is really important.�?

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