KO World Series

29 Jan

by FTX (2008-01-29)

KO World Series-

A league of extraordinary gentlemen:
Yodsanklai, JWP, Naruepol, Dewey Cooper and many more!
Seemingly with the announcement of the KO World series, the trend of big money backing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) events only looks to be bucked. Least for the moment, other than the K-1 there will be another stand up world league in the KO, which looks to rival and shadow the K-1. Promoter Dixon McIver in yet another first to ROGUE; released the signing of several super stars for his proposed KO WS events. The Fairtex duo of Yodsaenklai and Naruepol along with the Australian super-champ John Wayne Parr (JWP) are three key fighters who are confirmed for the Middle weights, spread over various stages of the show. What’s more Nathan “Carnage” Corbett and Dewey Cooper are the other fighters who have just signed up. This is indeed turning into a league of extraordinary gentlemen.
The KO World series gave ROGUE an inside into the pre-announcement of these fighters on their website, which will happen shortly. This suggests one thing: that fighters of the calibre mentioned are prepared to step in the ring with this organisation. What’s more John Wayne Parr, who was on the K-1 max circuit a while back, will now have the opportunity to have a crack at some of the best in the business. The key word here is opportunity, something which these fighters have probably not received for a while, except on local home based shows.
JWP is said to be on the Macau/ Las Vegas card, with Yods making his maiden appearance in Auckland come February 8th. Naruepol nicknamed “Mr. GQ” is scheduled for Macau, along with D.Askerov of Russia who dramatically stopped kiwi ace Shannon Forman. The biggest draw card on the US stop will be the hip-hop rapping Dewey “The Black” Cobra Cooper. He went on record to say “You know man, I will fight anytime, any where and happy to be involved in the series!” interestingly enough Cooper has been on the K-1 Las Vegas leg many times over. With the KO rivalling the K-1, we can clearly say that the K-1 will not have anything to do with these fighters in the future- or will they? What’s more, IF the KO takes off will it attract top K-1 fighters who come off contract from time to time? The nature of these athletes are that want to fight the best and be the best. JWP will no doubt want to cross swords with the like of Buakaw Por Pramuk and Andy Souwer who are with the K-1 organisation.
Competition in the bigger stand up leagues is good, with most of the big bucks being pumped into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and the only real Kick Boxing grand prix in the K-1 having exclusive contrcativity for their fighters, it has limited their choices. Then again the K-1 is the only real stand up league which can offer decent purses for fighters at the moment, and the level in which they have promoted the sport is nothing short of phenomenal. KO Promoter McIver looks to do the opposite as far as fighter contracts are concerned, allowing them to be free agents. This will create an interesting situation once things get up and running. Fighters being contractual entertainers in the pro ring will push for more collective and individual freedom. Most big leagues won’t like this- or should I say the biggest and only big league won’t like this, as they will want to hold the aces when it comes to telling and be told what they can and can’t do. Hopefully it won’t turn in to a water front Dockers V management style stand off and fighters going on strike! Would that be a world first? Maybe the fans should go on strike like in the major leagues of baseball.
Yeti like attractions and freak shows aside, the line ups seem to be filling its spaces with genuine fighters and ring technicians. Alexander Ustinov, French star Greg Tony, Alexei Ignashov and the “Powerhouse” Andrew Peck we all know are class acts who can put on a show. The first of the KO WS which will be held at the Sky City Casino will be a corporate event, linked up with a charity auction ROGUE learns. Gentlemanly intentions, with a gentlemanly dress code followed by gentlemanly fighting (which must be followed and) honoured by a gentleman’s contract by McIver, we strongly hope. After all if he gets this one wrong, redemption would be out of the question. Not to forget the business creditors from the previous KO must be cleared, which he has promised will be done “Very shortly”.
As it stands, the KO seems to have attracted a fine crop of warriors who are gentleman both in and out of the ring. Just like in the movie “A league of extraordinary gentleman”, where the great Nautilus is the submarine which navigates through in search of new adventures led by Captain Nemo! In this story things look to be similar, as Nemo who is replaced by captain Dixon McIver. In the movie Nemo is best described by the character himself to Alan Quartermain as “you are being charitable if you call me nothing more than a pirate”, with the KO WS McIver wouldn’t want that, although some parties have blatantly accused and labelled him to be similar. Whether or not he is Nemo we will have to wait and see, having said that if all goes well this might be the making of something special and a silencer to his critics. In an industry which is seldom forgiving, where freedom is never free- let’s see where this Nautilus cruises and bringing with it the promised bounty for everyone to share and roam free where they choose. How much of an “extraordinary” league of “gentlemen” the KO is will soon be revealed.
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